Partners Among Cats and Canines


Frequently Asked Adoption Questions

1. What is the adoption fee?
PACC asks for a minimum donation of $50 for cats, $150 for adult dogs, $75 for senior dogs (8+ years) and $250 for puppies under 14 weeks old ($100 spay/neuter deposit that may be refunded if surgery is completed within 6 months of adoption).  You are always welcome to donate more:)

2. Will my pet be spayed or neutered? 
All pets over the age of 14 weeks are sterilized prior to adoption.  Pets under 14 weeks can be adopted with a spay/neuter contract and spay/neuter deposit.

3. What are your shelter hours?
PACC does not have a shelter. All animals are fostered in private homes. Meetings must be scheduled for each pet to meet potential adopters.

4. Does PACC adopt out of state?
Yes, sterilized pets can be adopted all over the United States. However, PACC does NOT adopt unsterilized pets outside the state of Virginia.

5. What are the steps for adoption?
The first step is to submit an online adoption application on PACC's website. The second step is to complete an interview with a PACC representative either by phone or through email.  The third step(s) is to have a vet check completed on potential adopter's current and past animals and have a landlord check completed if the potential adopter rents. After all checks are completed and everyone feels it is a good match then the pet can go to his/her new forever home.

6. How long does the adoption process take?
PACC tries to complete the adoption in a timely manner. All PACC volunteers have full time jobs and/or families of their own so adoptions must take place around personal schedules. Typically, an adoption takes anywhere from 2 days to one week to complete.

7.  I submitted my adoption application but have not heard anything from PACC, when will I hear something?
PACC responds to all applications within 3 days of receiving them.  Please look into your spam/junk mail folder in your email account.  PACC usually responds via email to your application.  You can call 757-562-0202 if you have not received any email from PACC within one week of submitting your application.

8. What if I cannot keep the pet that I adopted from PACC?
PACC requires that you contact us if you cannot keep your adopted pet. Since all animals are fostered in private homes, we do ask that you give us time to find a spot for the pet.


partners among cats and canines