Partners Among Cats and Canines


Please Read Before Adopting


*PACC is not a shelter. All of our adoptable animals are cared for in 
volunteer foster homes. They live as part of the foster home's family for 
weeks or even months. This means we are very committed to finding their new 
forever home, not hurrying up to get them out the door. We want this to be 
their last move.

*Understand that while we require all adopters to contact us if the home 
can no longer keep them we also ask that we keep good lines of communication 
to prevent problems from becoming so intolerable that you want to return the 
*No refunds are given on adoption fees for ANY reason.
*If you feel you cannot keep the dog we are adamant that you contact 
 PACC.   We do feel, however, that in 
order to give your new pet a fair chance to show its true behavior and 
personality, you should plan to supervise the dog 100% of the time for at 
least the first two weeks it is in your home. This means that for the first 
couple of weeks your dog needs to be under the direct supervision of a 
responsible adult, or in a crate. We highly discourage that you immediately 
leave them unsupervised in your house. Any dog, no matter how well behaved, 
might decide to soil a carpet or chew up a cushion if left alone and 
unsupervised in a totally new environment.

*PACC asks that adopters plan on a minimum of one month to help their new dog 
or cat settle in and become comfortable with a new routine. The stress of 
leaving everything they know can have a huge affect on their personality and 
they will show signs of stress 99% of the time. This can be as little as 
licking feet to as big as barking or whining, chewing or accidents. ALL 
stress related behaviors are easily corrected with time, supervision, 
patience and understanding what is going on.

*PACC ask for a minimum adoption donation of :
  • $150- for  senior dogs (7+ years) 
  • $200 - dogs 
  • $300- for puppies under 14 weeks  ($100 will be refunded upon proof of spay/neuter)
  • $50- for cats
This off sets less than half 
of the cost for a foster that needs the basics. For dogs or cats that 
require more than the basics before adoption we count on our fundraisers and 


Please Note: PACC reserves the right at their sole discretion to refuse adopting an animal to anyone.




partners among cats and canines